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My story starts back in the early 80's. Born in San Francisco I have been a Bay Area native my whole life... I love taking Photos and have been influenced by all things California... From the rolling hills and towering trees, to the crashing waves of our sandy beaches, city lights and building architecture, art, fashion, and just life in general. California is and forever will be Home.
I have been shooting for about 12 years... digitally about 7... and professionally about 5.
My ultimate goal is to provide my clients with a unique, intimate, one of a kind experience in front of my lens. a session that is full of laughter, smiles, and good vibes. I focus on personal Portrait photography. Families, Kids, Maternity, Seniors, and Engagements. I like to live, love, laugh, and most of all photograph. Please take some time to enjoy my work...
-Andre J

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